HTC One Update

The HTC One M8 has nearly been on the market for two months now. When the device first made its way to the various carriers located in the United States of America, Canada and Europe it boasted new software that owners of the HTC One M7 wanted. Unfortunately common business sense states that if a customer wants something so desperately they will go out and buy it, this was HTC’s hope when they released the HTC One M8.


Fans of the HTC One M7 mainly didn’t approve of the new M8 as it boasted a bigger screen, it is 90% bigger and wastes more battery life. The device is incredibly hard to hold in the hand as it is slippery to the touch but this same feeling makes the device feel as if it can take a beating. Today the Americans and Canadians were able to download an update for HTC Sense 6. This means that the HTC One M8 was ported over to the HTC One M7. The difference in speed between the two devices are nearly impossible to detect, both devices run smoothly on the same software while providing the same experience.

The only downfall to the HTC One M7 is that the front facing camera is absolutely horrible in low light. In order to help this issue HTC put a new feature within their software update which allows for a flash to be added to the front facing camera, essentially your screen will turn bright white and then instantly turn black. This will provide a poor but none the less flash feature for your front facing camera.

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