Motivational Speaker Loses Tongue

A motivational speaker located in Miami, Florida had an unfortunate accident earlier on in 2013 when he lost his tongue. James Ainsworthy, a 58 year old male had a seizure while eating breakfast at a Denney’s. While having the seizure he bit off his own tongue which has now made his voice that much harder to hear, you can hardly understand what he is saying from resources but none the less James has already gone out of his way to find a new voice. Within two weeks after he returned from the hospital he announced to his friends and family that he was working on a new novel that he hoped would inspire hundreds, thousands if not millions to change their lives for the better.

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This new book has yet to been published or revealed by James Ainsworthy but it has been getting a lot of attention within the Miami Community. James has recently been volunteering at Homeless Shelters all across Miami, Hospitals, Animal Shelters, he’s been going on the streets to feed to the homeless and doing anything in his power to help out his community around him, bring some motivation to his world. A variety of news stations have been reporting on James Ainsworthy and his journey, when asked questions he will write them down and promote his future novel. Telling people to look out for it in stores when it eventually is published.

James Ainsworthy wrote the following, “I don’t consider losing my tongue to be a disadvantage. Instead I use it to my advantage to do more good around my community as I can no longer perform my job.”

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