Motivational Texts

Virgin Mobile revealed today that they will begin sending out Motivational Texts to their mass amount of users on a weekly basis. These motivational texts are meant to brighten up your day a little, make you think about the better things in your life instead of the negative things in your life.

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Virgin Mobile is doing this because the percentage of depression and suicide has risen in America by 20% over the last three years. The reason for this is because people are now having to work the job of two people for the pay of one while the prices of food, gas, living and cars raise. This in return means that people don’t have a lot of money to enjoy themselves with which in return leads to depression and sometimes suicide. Virgin Mobile hopes that by sending out these motivational texts they will be able to inspire some level of joy upon their customers.

Virgin Mobile CEO Joseph Ottorino said the following, “It is a shame that our economy works in a manner such as this. Everyone begins to feel the weight of bills and other expensives upon them. We here at Virgin Mobile want our customers to be joyful and happy in their everyday life. This is why we are sending out these motivational texts. These texts won’t just brighten up your day but they will make you think about key moments in your life when you were happy, we also have plans to set up a hotline of those with experience helping people with depression. Those who want to use the service will be able to do so through a number link on the text.”

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