Motivational Speaker Advocates Teens

Meridian City is home to a series of low calibre neighborhoods which has resulted in high drug usage and alcohol usage within the area. This prompted local politicians to hire a well known motivational speak and have them speak to the children at their local convention hall. This motivational speak was to give these children tips, tricks and advice on how they could better their lives.

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Surprisingly to the local politicians each one of the seats in the hall was filled by young adults and teenagers from all around the city. This showed the politicians that their citizens were and are willing to make the changes to not only better their community but to also change their own lives. The motivational speaker was a local reverend named Eddie Charles Spencer and he spoke to children about his life as a child, the abuse he had felt from certain members in his family and the neglect he received from the family who didn’t abuse him. It lead to the now reverend performing in illegal tasks that eventually lead him to jail time. Once alone he was able to realize that it was not his own fault but the fault of his family who he no longer keeps in contact with.

Spencer said, “You might not realize it but a small decision that you make today could affect the rest of your life. I know this from experience so in the back of your mind you should always be weary of the decisions you are making because you don’t know the long term effects it could have on you.”

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