Nicki Minaj To Be Motivational Speaker

Often we find ourselves very judgemental towards the stars we often see in the tabloids. We believe them to be wrecks and horrible individuals who don’t deserve the time of day. Those people often have lies told about them on a daily basis in the media which gives us a false representation of who those people actually are. One of those people is Nicki Minaj who is now a pop culture icon, everyone believes here to be a fake celebrity who made her way by getting in with the right people.

Nicki Minaj

The fact of the matter is that Nicki Minaj came from an under privileged area more formally known as the Bronx and made her way up the pop culture scale slowly by performing at small venues. It just so happened that Lil Wayne was at one of her small venues and saw the potential in this woman. Nicki Minaj has now announced that she is returning to favor to the Bronx and to other under privileged areas around Northern America by being a motivational speaker. Miss. Minaj will also spend her own money towards purchasing new recreational centers for certain areas that need it the most.

Not many people will hear about this story as the media prefers to speak about her involvement with smoking marijuana or drinking too much late at night. These media outlets will never speak about the good she does for her community and communities all around the world. That doesn’t stop Nicki Minaj though, she continues to do what is right as she is a good person deep down but has to keep an image to sell records.

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