Motivation Pushes Technology

Motivation is one of the greatest assets that our brains can wield. Everyone gets motivated about something at some point in their lives, it honestly depends on what peaks your interest. Recently a group of programmers have lined outside of the Manhattan Apple Store in order to be one of the first to buy the new iPhones and new iPads. The reason for these group of programmers doing this is because they want to be the first programmers to jailbreak the iPhone 6’s and new iPads. This in return will allow for them to see the capabilities on the new device and show true Apple Fans how much power this device has within its small frame.


Depending on how powerful this device is programmers will be able to create new features or applications that takes use of every bit of processing power that the iPhone 6 or new iPads will have built into them. There have been programmers who have done this for years, they wait for the latest iPhone or iPad and two weeks later they release the first jail break for the device.

The iPhone 6 and new iPads have yet to even be revealed by Apple as of right now, they will have to wait to see the release press conference until September 9th. Those programmers will then continue to wait until September 16th when the new iPhones and iPads will be released, these programmers going by the history of Apple’s release dates. Those programmers have been lined outside of the store since August 31st, 2014.

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