Scientists Figure Out New Region Of Brain

There can always be a serious struggle when you think about going to the gym and losing some of those calories. Often a large majority of people tend to knock it off and don’t bother to go, this results in those people feeling down upon themselves. It turns out that it isn’t your fault that you don’t get the motivation to go to the gym. Scientists have found a new region of the brain which is responsible for your motivation to exercise, for any kind of motivation for that matter. It turns out that depending on how your brain is wired you could be a very motivated person or you could be the exact opposite.


Unfortunately Scientists say that there is nothing you can do to change this in a medical perspective. Scientists believe that this region of the brain is all mental powered, you must be mentally strong in order to change your motivation behaviours. There are a large amount of regions in the brain which can effective your mental strength which could end up causing for your motivation to remain as it currently is. Apparently in order for you to seek motivation otherwise there has to be a hidden agenda in your brain unknown to yourself that would require for you to lose a mass amount of weight. This hidden agenda could be working out in order to land your dream date or to get a new role as an actor.

Regardless this is an interesting discovery that just shows that our brains our more complicated then we could of ever imagined.

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