John Tory Wins

John Tory now has become the new Mayor for the city of Toronto, the largest city in the country of Canada. Mr. Tory had been fighting against the infamous Rob Ford for the first half of their campaign only to then find out that Rob Ford had cancer and would pull out of the race. Mr. Tory thought he had it in the bag only to then find out that Doug Ford, the younger brother of Rob Ford would be entering the race for Mayor. Unfortunately Doug Ford lost his Mayoral Campaign but his older brother Rob Ford won his seat back on council.

john tory

John Tory has openly said that he is beyond surprised that he won this election as he thought that those who backed up Rob Ford would also back up Doug Ford with their vote. Luckily the citizens of Toronto realized that John Tory has a considerable more amount of experience as a elected official and would do a superior job at running Toronto than Doug Ford could do so.

Analysts say that there could be major tension in the Toronto Chambers as Rob Ford can be a loose cannon. Though Rob Ford has always stayed professional in the past as a Mayor & Councilmen. He allowed for Toronto to grow and saved them millions throughout his terms. Mr. Ford knows how to differ himself between his work life and personal life, something many people seem to forget. We suspect that Mr. Tory & Mr. Ford will work alongside one another to better the city of Toronto that much more.

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