Northern Ireland

The Rainbow Project, a group of homosexual individuals who have been pushing to get same sex marriage legalized in Northern Ireland just might have their wish come true. The Northern Ireland Courts are currently debating on whether or not they should legalize equal marriage.


There are a number of issues to think about when debating a series issue such as this one.
Northern Ireland is still a highly Catholic & Christian country which means that legalizing same sex marriage would upset a mass majority of their citizens but liking the same sex is becoming more of a normal thing with each new generation which is why the government of Northern Ireland is seriously considering allowing for Same Sex Marriage.

There is no word as to where the courts currently stand on the subject. It could be weeks before anyone here’s anything regarding their decision. None the less if they choose not to legalize gay marriage they will in the future as eventually times will change & same sex marriage will be a normality in the world.

It’s a challenge for the gay community in Northern Ireland but a challenge they could very well accomplish. It would make many people around Northern Ireland that much more happy & in a country that has such gloomy weather why wouldn’t you brighten their day. We shall keep you informed on what the Northern Ireland Courts & Government decide on if they’ll be legalizing same sex marriage or if the old laws will still apply.

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