Toy Makers Challenged

Toy Makers & Toy Providers across Northern America have been warned by governments across Canada and the United States of America have stated to toy providers and makers must make a greater effort in order to ensure that their toy products have to be safer as children have been choking on small hazardous pieces. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened as toy makers have been challenged before to make their products safer during the early 90’s. After nearly two decades in seems that the same is happening once again.


Toys r’ Us is one of the first toy providers that has that they’ll be doing everything in their power in order to ensure that their products will be more safe on the shelves. It also seems that as the younger generation is more polluted by the media the rate of these toys being broken into have increased as well. This also means that Toys R’ Us will have to work alongside those who make these products in order to ensure that the packaging is also is a far superior condition to the point that they can’t be broken into without tools from home.

There have been no other toy providers or toy makers who have come out making any statements regarding as to what they plan on doing with this new challenge given to them. Eventually the governments will take harsher methods in order to make these products safer if the challenge isn’t completed by these various companies.

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