Sony Challenged With Future

Sony will have to truly choose in the next upcoming year if they are up for a challenge or if they will focus on what is safe. Sony has recently undergone some loses in profit as their Television sales, Mobile Phone sales & laptop sales have all fallen in the last few years while their gaming console the Playstation 4 & 3 as well as their film production company “Sony Pictures” has been doing incredible in profit. This has lead to the CEO of Sony deciding on if the company will continue to produce TV’s, Mobile Phones & Laptops after 2015.


This does mean that Sony would be focusing directly onto the Playstation 4 & Sony Pictures which would result in a number of new exclusive titles for the PS4 as well as new incredible films. This isn’t a challenge though as Sony has always been famous for being a company which stride’s to offer high end products that won’t falter. in a years time. Sony could re-bounce from their loses if they choose to make their products less high end but instead just slightly above middle end products. This would allow for the mass consumer to once again be able to afford Sony products. Unfortunately there is no word if Sony is even considering this to be an option as of right now.

Hopefully Sony either reduces the quality of their devices slightly or continues to produce their high end devices as they provide a better service than any other electronic based company on the market.

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