Vancouver Inspired To Go Green

Vancouver, one of the largest cities in Canada is truly rising to the challenge this summer as their goal is to make the metropolis into a green urban environment. In order to do this Vancouver has revealed their intent to work alongside multiple corporations in the city to create large flower gardens or mini forests on top of their buildings.


This requires a large amount of maintenance but the end result is that workers have a more peaceful area to go to on their lunch breaks or before work. This’ll also create a far better air quality in the city as most who live in Vancouver already walk or use Bicycle’s to travel the big city. Cars are slowly becoming less relevant as Vancouver continues to go greener. The city will also be placing small gardens all around the city across the sidewalks, much like a garden bed but slightly bigger in order to create more greenery and oxygen within the city.

This is reason why Vancouver is quickly becoming one of the best places to live in Canada. Vancouver has already mastered their waterfront and as their continue to perfect this city it’s ensured that Vancouver will become one of the most beautiful metropolis’s in the world. It’s just a matter if cities such as Edmonton or Toronto can follow the same steps as their fellow Canadian city. Toronto is the largest city in Canada but it also by far the most disgusting & vastly needs to take the same steps as their sister city Vancouver.

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