Canada’s Pride is Non-Challenged Now

Less than a decade ago it was never a thing to be truly proud to be Canadian. Though every citizen has loved Canada for decades upon decades, it has only been recently that Canada has begun to show off its pride to the rest of the world. This’ll be showcased the Canada Day weekend falls upon the country in a week.

pride logo

Everyone in the country will hear the sounds of fireworks, they’ll experience the true joy of what it’s like to be Canadian. Instagram, an application used by millions to billions of people around the world has taken it upon themselves to challenge Canadians to showcase their pride of the country in hopes that this year on Canada’s Day it’ll be known worldwide that Canada is proud of what is has become. Along with this challenge users are meant to describe what they love about being Canadian, what drives them to show off their pride while in another country or how they feel when others bash our country in a negative manner.

The results should be interesting as there has never been a campaign such as this one for Canadian citizens to participate in, at least not one on a global scale. Canadians around the globe will also be able to showcase their love of the country. The Canadian Government also plans on going through these Instagram posts to find out better what their citizens love about this country or what this country needs to become better in the future years to come.

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