Two L.A. Gangs Starting a New Turf War

Regardless of whomever might want to disagree, anytime two gangs start murdering one another is quickly escalates to a “Street War” which tends to results in gang members being murdered or innocent civilians. It seems that two gangs within Los Angeles are planning on starting a new war by killing one hundred members of each gang within one hundred days. The challenge is always to ensure public safety by the various police forces that operate within the L.A area and recent events have highlighted that need substantially.

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This all begun after a “Rollin 100” gang member was shot down and murdered last month. This member apparently wasn’t just a high ranking member in the gang but also beloved by almost every other member within the gang. This resulted in another drive by shooting which also caused serious injuries to a four and eleven year old from random shots being pulled. This has caused for Law Enforcement within Los Angeles to take on serious approaches in order to determine who all members in the gang are, whoever is also using the #100Days100Nights hashtag and is known to have a criminal record will be brought in for questioning. The hope is that these police officers can stop this street war before it truly begins again.

The last time a street war happened in L.A. it resulted in a criminal underworld being built that survived for three decades. This hasn’t happened since but if this issue escalates there is the potential for a new criminal underworld to be created on the streets of Los Angeles. Any information relating to updates on this potential street war can be found through the Los Angeles Times Newspaper.

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