ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Returns

Last year around this time anyone who had any form of social media knew about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It became so viral that a total of $115 Million was able to be raised from Northern American’s & Europeans doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s now been one year later since this was a phenomenon and now it seems that it’s returned.

ALS Ice Bucket

The ALS Association is encouraging social media goers to once again do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge this August and every August from now on until there is a cure for the disease. This challenge is done in order to make regular individuals feel the effects of what it would be like to have ALS, essentially being in an uncontrollable pain that tenses up the body. This year Renee Zellweger and Justin Bieber have once again done the challenge in hopes that it’ll have their millions of followers do the same thing. It’s doubtful that all of Hollywood will once again jump on board of this bandwagon again. It’s up to the normal individuals in our society to now spread the word of this disease and try to find a cure so that hundreds of thousands of people no longer have to go through the pain.

One celebrity in particular though has diverted a large portion of his efforts towards finding a cure towards ALS. That’d be Mr. Bill Gates who uses the mass amount of his yearly income in order to help those in the world who aren’t as well off as us or him.