Skateboarding & Surfing Possibly Added to 2020 Olympics

There’ll be a total of five new sports that’ll be added to the 2020 Beijing Olympics. Two of these sports include Skateboarding and Surfing, this is absolutely shocking as these two sports are considered to be something enjoyed by the youth and only the youth. Luckily the Olympics need to do some modernizing as the amount of youth (16-25) that watch the Olympics is an incredibly low amount. The Olympics Committee has been challenged multiple times throughout the last two decades to add new sports into the Olympics, it seems for the first time in more than twenty years the committee is willing to rise to the challenge of doing so.

2020 Olympics

Offering two sports such as these ones will revolutionize the Olympics & the International Olympic Committee knows it. Unfortunately there decision doesn’t have to be made until the end of August, 2016 which is a long time that could ultimately affect their decision on allowing for these sports to become a part of the Olympics.

There’ll also be baseball, softball, sport climbing and karate that could possibly be added into the 2020 Beijing Olympics. When various North American young teens and adults were asked if they’d watch the Olympics if these sports were added to the roster, 90% agreed that they would and that it’d make the Olympics far more exciting.

It seems that running at a face rate of speed, jumping high in the air, swimming and all the other normal sports are no longer exciting enough for the youth. This isn’t surprising with the mass amount of visually impressive video games, movies, TV and overall culture. This day in age more is suspected out of entertainment, the Olympics are not impervious to the changes.