Triple H on Challenging Year for WWE

Triple H, one of the more famous professional wrestlers in the world was at the “Greg and the Morning Buzz Show” when he was asked to comment on the past year in the WWE. Needless to say this professional athlete was more than vocal on how his employer acted throughout the course of 2015.

Triple H

One of the most notable aspects of 2015 for the WWE is Hulk Hogan. A sex tape of this pro wrestler was released all over the internet and due to this all merchandise, information and affiliation with the wrestler was destroyed by the WWE. The contract which was held by Mr. Hogan was destroyed immediately which has posed a major problem for the wrestler. Triple H stated, “Hulk coming back is going to be the biggest challenge of his life, he’s one of the most famous faces in wrestling and many of his fans were let down. What the WWE was wrong, all of us in the ring weren’t pleased by their decision but he will still have to fight to regain what he’s lost.”

That wasn’t the only issue for the WWE this year, the wrestling league released their own broadcasting network but already it’s been shut down. The company spent millions upon millions of dollars in hopes that they’d be able to have their own channel, filled directly with wrestling based television programs. Due to this profit has been at an all-time low for the company since 2009.

There is no word if the wrestling league plans on making major changes to rejuvenate life into the sport.