Justin Trudeau Joins Caroling Challenge

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau is quickly becoming the star politician for Canada. This young man is the son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, one of the best Prime Ministers in Canadian History & it seems his son is following in his ways. Already Mr. Trudeau has helped sign a new Climate Change Policy, he has already begun to safely bring Syrian Refugee’s into his country and is planning to reform the Canadian Military. This young man is also known to be Canada’s most attractive prime minister yet & he’s the most playful yet. This is evident once again as P.K. Subban, the defencemen for the Montreal Canadians challenged the prime minister to Christmas Carol on video as well as his neighborhood.

Justin Trudeau

The Prime Minister responded rather quickly with a video of his wife as well as himself singing Jingle Bells & Vive Le Vent. This post has already received thousands of likes on Facebook and retweets on Twitters. Mr. Subban thought that the fact that the prime minister responded to his challenge was incredible.

Kathleen Wynee, the Premier of Ontario also participated in this challenge. She sang Jingle Bells on stage with parents & children alike at the Childrens Hospital in Toronto. Mr. Subban also asked that Dallas Green, Justin Bieber, Julie Synder and Dale Weise all participate in the challenge as well.

The result will be Christmas Caroling becoming more evident once again in our Christmas activities. It’ll also lead to possible charities depending on how far these stars wish to take this challenge forward.