Cruz Challenges Trump to Debate

Donald Trump, one of the most foolish men living in the United States of America & currently a front-runner for the Republican candidate for the presidency is being called out by Ted Cruz. Mr. Cruz is challenging Donald Trump to a one on one debate in Iowa this week.

ted cruz

It seems that everyone is getting tired with Mr. Trumps foolish acts, he now appears to act more like a child than an adult. He recently pulled out of the Iowa debate, after stating that he is afraid of the moderator Megyn Kelly. They’ve had beef before & she’s never afraid to call out Trump on the countless of idiotic things he’s done throughout not just his political career but his life. Mr. Cruz went on to say the following, “If Donald Trump is so scared of Megyn Kelly, what will he do when he has to go up against a communist leader like Vladimir Putin or Kim-Jong Un. I’d like to invite him onto your show so that we may debate with one another, mano a mano. If he feels he can’t have Megyn be a moderator, I’ll moderate the debate.”

These are incredibly harsh words to say during a political campaign & debating without a formal moderator surely breaks Republican National Committee rules. Donald Trump more than likely won’t reply back; he’s making it evidently clear that whenever he is backed up into a corner he runs away. This is no way to run a country & you can be ensured that these features would transpire over while he was president.