Donald Trump, one of the most foolish men living in the United States of America & currently a front-runner for the Republican candidate for the presidency is being called out by Ted Cruz. Mr. Cruz is challenging Donald Trump to a one on one debate in Iowa this week.

ted cruz

It seems that everyone is getting tired with Mr. Trumps foolish acts, he now appears to act more like a child than an adult. He recently pulled out of the Iowa debate, after stating that he is afraid of the moderator Megyn Kelly. They’ve had beef before & she’s never afraid to call out Trump on the countless of idiotic things he’s done throughout not just his political career but his life. Mr. Cruz went on to say the following, “If Donald Trump is so scared of Megyn Kelly, what will he do when he has to go up against a communist leader like Vladimir Putin or Kim-Jong Un. I’d like to invite him onto your show so that we may debate with one another, mano a mano. If he feels he can’t have Megyn be a moderator, I’ll moderate the debate.”

These are incredibly harsh words to say during a political campaign & debating without a formal moderator surely breaks Republican National Committee rules. Donald Trump more than likely won’t reply back; he’s making it evidently clear that whenever he is backed up into a corner he runs away. This is no way to run a country & you can be ensured that these features would transpire over while he was president.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau is quickly becoming the star politician for Canada. This young man is the son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, one of the best Prime Ministers in Canadian History & it seems his son is following in his ways. Already Mr. Trudeau has helped sign a new Climate Change Policy, he has already begun to safely bring Syrian Refugee’s into his country and is planning to reform the Canadian Military. This young man is also known to be Canada’s most attractive prime minister yet & he’s the most playful yet. This is evident once again as P.K. Subban, the defencemen for the Montreal Canadians challenged the prime minister to Christmas Carol on video as well as his neighborhood.

Justin Trudeau

The Prime Minister responded rather quickly with a video of his wife as well as himself singing Jingle Bells & Vive Le Vent. This post has already received thousands of likes on Facebook and retweets on Twitters. Mr. Subban thought that the fact that the prime minister responded to his challenge was incredible.

Kathleen Wynee, the Premier of Ontario also participated in this challenge. She sang Jingle Bells on stage with parents & children alike at the Childrens Hospital in Toronto. Mr. Subban also asked that Dallas Green, Justin Bieber, Julie Synder and Dale Weise all participate in the challenge as well.

The result will be Christmas Caroling becoming more evident once again in our Christmas activities. It’ll also lead to possible charities depending on how far these stars wish to take this challenge forward.

Triple H, one of the more famous professional wrestlers in the world was at the “Greg and the Morning Buzz Show” when he was asked to comment on the past year in the WWE. Needless to say this professional athlete was more than vocal on how his employer acted throughout the course of 2015.

Triple H

One of the most notable aspects of 2015 for the WWE is Hulk Hogan. A sex tape of this pro wrestler was released all over the internet and due to this all merchandise, information and affiliation with the wrestler was destroyed by the WWE. The contract which was held by Mr. Hogan was destroyed immediately which has posed a major problem for the wrestler. Triple H stated, “Hulk coming back is going to be the biggest challenge of his life, he’s one of the most famous faces in wrestling and many of his fans were let down. What the WWE was wrong, all of us in the ring weren’t pleased by their decision but he will still have to fight to regain what he’s lost.”

That wasn’t the only issue for the WWE this year, the wrestling league released their own broadcasting network but already it’s been shut down. The company spent millions upon millions of dollars in hopes that they’d be able to have their own channel, filled directly with wrestling based television programs. Due to this profit has been at an all-time low for the company since 2009.

There is no word if the wrestling league plans on making major changes to rejuvenate life into the sport.

Justin Trudeau, the new Prime Minister of Canada faces a series of challenges in the wake of his new role in power. This young man is taking on three major issues which could result in positive backlash or negative backlash for Canada.

Justin Trudeau

The new Prime Minister’s first order of business is to legalize marijuana. He wishes to have a marijuana dispensary store based in every major city across Canada. The hope is that the revenue generated will be enough to sustain a better health care system, better roads and better housing for the less fortunate. The challenge behind this is building the infrastructure behind those stores, it’d require Canada to create an entirely new hemp industry and provide it to their citizens. This is something that’ll take a number of years to full gain effect.

The second challenge this young prime minister faces is that he wishes to reverse the effects of what previous Prime Minister Harper did to the Canadian Eco-Systems. Justin has even gone as far as to already put his thoughts & efforts into the brand new “Great Lakes Environmental Protection Act”. This is a challenge that could prove to be difficult as Harper destroyed more than half of the natural lakes & rivers within Canada. Monitoring the rain levels, ensuring that water levels rise and that wild life returns will be the largest struggle this Prime Minister faces.

Though it seems the people of Canada have full faith in the abilities of Justin Trudeau, his father is often considered to be the best Prime Minister Canada has ever seen.

There’ll be a total of five new sports that’ll be added to the 2020 Beijing Olympics. Two of these sports include Skateboarding and Surfing, this is absolutely shocking as these two sports are considered to be something enjoyed by the youth and only the youth. Luckily the Olympics need to do some modernizing as the amount of youth (16-25) that watch the Olympics is an incredibly low amount. The Olympics Committee has been challenged multiple times throughout the last two decades to add new sports into the Olympics, it seems for the first time in more than twenty years the committee is willing to rise to the challenge of doing so.

2020 Olympics

Offering two sports such as these ones will revolutionize the Olympics & the International Olympic Committee knows it. Unfortunately there decision doesn’t have to be made until the end of August, 2016 which is a long time that could ultimately affect their decision on allowing for these sports to become a part of the Olympics.

There’ll also be baseball, softball, sport climbing and karate that could possibly be added into the 2020 Beijing Olympics. When various North American young teens and adults were asked if they’d watch the Olympics if these sports were added to the roster, 90% agreed that they would and that it’d make the Olympics far more exciting.

It seems that running at a face rate of speed, jumping high in the air, swimming and all the other normal sports are no longer exciting enough for the youth. This isn’t surprising with the mass amount of visually impressive video games, movies, TV and overall culture. This day in age more is suspected out of entertainment, the Olympics are not impervious to the changes.

Last year around this time anyone who had any form of social media knew about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It became so viral that a total of $115 Million was able to be raised from Northern American’s & Europeans doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s now been one year later since this was a phenomenon and now it seems that it’s returned.

ALS Ice Bucket

The ALS Association is encouraging social media goers to once again do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge this August and every August from now on until there is a cure for the disease. This challenge is done in order to make regular individuals feel the effects of what it would be like to have ALS, essentially being in an uncontrollable pain that tenses up the body. This year Renee Zellweger and Justin Bieber have once again done the challenge in hopes that it’ll have their millions of followers do the same thing. It’s doubtful that all of Hollywood will once again jump on board of this bandwagon again. It’s up to the normal individuals in our society to now spread the word of this disease and try to find a cure so that hundreds of thousands of people no longer have to go through the pain.

One celebrity in particular though has diverted a large portion of his efforts towards finding a cure towards ALS. That’d be Mr. Bill Gates who uses the mass amount of his yearly income in order to help those in the world who aren’t as well off as us or him.

Regardless of whomever might want to disagree, anytime two gangs start murdering one another is quickly escalates to a “Street War” which tends to results in gang members being murdered or innocent civilians. It seems that two gangs within Los Angeles are planning on starting a new war by killing one hundred members of each gang within one hundred days. The challenge is always to ensure public safety by the various police forces that operate within the L.A area and recent events have highlighted that need substantially.

L.A. logo

This all begun after a “Rollin 100” gang member was shot down and murdered last month. This member apparently wasn’t just a high ranking member in the gang but also beloved by almost every other member within the gang. This resulted in another drive by shooting which also caused serious injuries to a four and eleven year old from random shots being pulled. This has caused for Law Enforcement within Los Angeles to take on serious approaches in order to determine who all members in the gang are, whoever is also using the #100Days100Nights hashtag and is known to have a criminal record will be brought in for questioning. The hope is that these police officers can stop this street war before it truly begins again.

The last time a street war happened in L.A. it resulted in a criminal underworld being built that survived for three decades. This hasn’t happened since but if this issue escalates there is the potential for a new criminal underworld to be created on the streets of Los Angeles. Any information relating to updates on this potential street war can be found through the Los Angeles Times Newspaper.

Less than a decade ago it was never a thing to be truly proud to be Canadian. Though every citizen has loved Canada for decades upon decades, it has only been recently that Canada has begun to show off its pride to the rest of the world. This’ll be showcased the Canada Day weekend falls upon the country in a week.

pride logo

Everyone in the country will hear the sounds of fireworks, they’ll experience the true joy of what it’s like to be Canadian. Instagram, an application used by millions to billions of people around the world has taken it upon themselves to challenge Canadians to showcase their pride of the country in hopes that this year on Canada’s Day it’ll be known worldwide that Canada is proud of what is has become. Along with this challenge users are meant to describe what they love about being Canadian, what drives them to show off their pride while in another country or how they feel when others bash our country in a negative manner.

The results should be interesting as there has never been a campaign such as this one for Canadian citizens to participate in, at least not one on a global scale. Canadians around the globe will also be able to showcase their love of the country. The Canadian Government also plans on going through these Instagram posts to find out better what their citizens love about this country or what this country needs to become better in the future years to come.

Vancouver, one of the largest cities in Canada is truly rising to the challenge this summer as their goal is to make the metropolis into a green urban environment. In order to do this Vancouver has revealed their intent to work alongside multiple corporations in the city to create large flower gardens or mini forests on top of their buildings.


This requires a large amount of maintenance but the end result is that workers have a more peaceful area to go to on their lunch breaks or before work. This’ll also create a far better air quality in the city as most who live in Vancouver already walk or use Bicycle’s to travel the big city. Cars are slowly becoming less relevant as Vancouver continues to go greener. The city will also be placing small gardens all around the city across the sidewalks, much like a garden bed but slightly bigger in order to create more greenery and oxygen within the city.

This is reason why Vancouver is quickly becoming one of the best places to live in Canada. Vancouver has already mastered their waterfront and as their continue to perfect this city it’s ensured that Vancouver will become one of the most beautiful metropolis’s in the world. It’s just a matter if cities such as Edmonton or Toronto can follow the same steps as their fellow Canadian city. Toronto is the largest city in Canada but it also by far the most disgusting & vastly needs to take the same steps as their sister city Vancouver.

Sony will have to truly choose in the next upcoming year if they are up for a challenge or if they will focus on what is safe. Sony has recently undergone some loses in profit as their Television sales, Mobile Phone sales & laptop sales have all fallen in the last few years while their gaming console the Playstation 4 & 3 as well as their film production company “Sony Pictures” has been doing incredible in profit. This has lead to the CEO of Sony deciding on if the company will continue to produce TV’s, Mobile Phones & Laptops after 2015.


This does mean that Sony would be focusing directly onto the Playstation 4 & Sony Pictures which would result in a number of new exclusive titles for the PS4 as well as new incredible films. This isn’t a challenge though as Sony has always been famous for being a company which stride’s to offer high end products that won’t falter. in a years time. Sony could re-bounce from their loses if they choose to make their products less high end but instead just slightly above middle end products. This would allow for the mass consumer to once again be able to afford Sony products. Unfortunately there is no word if Sony is even considering this to be an option as of right now.

Hopefully Sony either reduces the quality of their devices slightly or continues to produce their high end devices as they provide a better service than any other electronic based company on the market.