Toy Makers & Toy Providers across Northern America have been warned by governments across Canada and the United States of America have stated to toy providers and makers must make a greater effort in order to ensure that their toy products have to be safer as children have been choking on small hazardous pieces. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened as toy makers have been challenged before to make their products safer during the early 90’s. After nearly two decades in seems that the same is happening once again.


Toys r’ Us is one of the first toy providers that has that they’ll be doing everything in their power in order to ensure that their products will be more safe on the shelves. It also seems that as the younger generation is more polluted by the media the rate of these toys being broken into have increased as well. This also means that Toys R’ Us will have to work alongside those who make these products in order to ensure that the packaging is also is a far superior condition to the point that they can’t be broken into without tools from home.

There have been no other toy providers or toy makers who have come out making any statements regarding as to what they plan on doing with this new challenge given to them. Eventually the governments will take harsher methods in order to make these products safer if the challenge isn’t completed by these various companies.

The Rainbow Project, a group of homosexual individuals who have been pushing to get same sex marriage legalized in Northern Ireland just might have their wish come true. The Northern Ireland Courts are currently debating on whether or not they should legalize equal marriage.


There are a number of issues to think about when debating a series issue such as this one.
Northern Ireland is still a highly Catholic & Christian country which means that legalizing same sex marriage would upset a mass majority of their citizens but liking the same sex is becoming more of a normal thing with each new generation which is why the government of Northern Ireland is seriously considering allowing for Same Sex Marriage.

There is no word as to where the courts currently stand on the subject. It could be weeks before anyone here’s anything regarding their decision. None the less if they choose not to legalize gay marriage they will in the future as eventually times will change & same sex marriage will be a normality in the world.

It’s a challenge for the gay community in Northern Ireland but a challenge they could very well accomplish. It would make many people around Northern Ireland that much more happy & in a country that has such gloomy weather why wouldn’t you brighten their day. We shall keep you informed on what the Northern Ireland Courts & Government decide on if they’ll be legalizing same sex marriage or if the old laws will still apply.

John Tory now has become the new Mayor for the city of Toronto, the largest city in the country of Canada. Mr. Tory had been fighting against the infamous Rob Ford for the first half of their campaign only to then find out that Rob Ford had cancer and would pull out of the race. Mr. Tory thought he had it in the bag only to then find out that Doug Ford, the younger brother of Rob Ford would be entering the race for Mayor. Unfortunately Doug Ford lost his Mayoral Campaign but his older brother Rob Ford won his seat back on council.

john tory

John Tory has openly said that he is beyond surprised that he won this election as he thought that those who backed up Rob Ford would also back up Doug Ford with their vote. Luckily the citizens of Toronto realized that John Tory has a considerable more amount of experience as a elected official and would do a superior job at running Toronto than Doug Ford could do so.

Analysts say that there could be major tension in the Toronto Chambers as Rob Ford can be a loose cannon. Though Rob Ford has always stayed professional in the past as a Mayor & Councilmen. He allowed for Toronto to grow and saved them millions throughout his terms. Mr. Ford knows how to differ himself between his work life and personal life, something many people seem to forget. We suspect that Mr. Tory & Mr. Ford will work alongside one another to better the city of Toronto that much more.

Last month there was a viral trend floating around the entire world called the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge“. Essentially people would have to freeze a large bucket of water, then place ice into that bucket of water and let the ice melt. Those who did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge would then pour that water down upon themselves to understand what it would feel like to have ALS, to have zero control on moving your body. Those who wished to not perform the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge would then have to donate a minimum of $10.


This viral trend brought more awareness to ALS then anyone thought would ever happen. Millions of young adults and adults from Northern America, Europe and Asia did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Millions of other young adults & adults donated the minimum amount of $10. Millions upon millions of dollars were put towards ALS Research.

This means that now people know about one of the worst diseases known to the human body and that millions of dollars has been raised for ALS Research. This viral trend could of very well lead to finding a way to cure ALS in the future. Still to this day the “ALS Foundation” is receiving large donations and people are continuing to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It just goes to show that the internet can be a powerful movement that can change the lives of people all around the world.

There can always be a serious struggle when you think about going to the gym and losing some of those calories. Often a large majority of people tend to knock it off and don’t bother to go, this results in those people feeling down upon themselves. It turns out that it isn’t your fault that you don’t get the motivation to go to the gym. Scientists have found a new region of the brain which is responsible for your motivation to exercise, for any kind of motivation for that matter. It turns out that depending on how your brain is wired you could be a very motivated person or you could be the exact opposite.


Unfortunately Scientists say that there is nothing you can do to change this in a medical perspective. Scientists believe that this region of the brain is all mental powered, you must be mentally strong in order to change your motivation behaviours. There are a large amount of regions in the brain which can effective your mental strength which could end up causing for your motivation to remain as it currently is. Apparently in order for you to seek motivation otherwise there has to be a hidden agenda in your brain unknown to yourself that would require for you to lose a mass amount of weight. This hidden agenda could be working out in order to land your dream date or to get a new role as an actor.

Regardless this is an interesting discovery that just shows that our brains our more complicated then we could of ever imagined.

Motivation is one of the greatest assets that our brains can wield. Everyone gets motivated about something at some point in their lives, it honestly depends on what peaks your interest. Recently a group of programmers have lined outside of the Manhattan Apple Store in order to be one of the first to buy the new iPhones and new iPads. The reason for these group of programmers doing this is because they want to be the first programmers to jailbreak the iPhone 6’s and new iPads. This in return will allow for them to see the capabilities on the new device and show true Apple Fans how much power this device has within its small frame.


Depending on how powerful this device is programmers will be able to create new features or applications that takes use of every bit of processing power that the iPhone 6 or new iPads will have built into them. There have been programmers who have done this for years, they wait for the latest iPhone or iPad and two weeks later they release the first jail break for the device.

The iPhone 6 and new iPads have yet to even be revealed by Apple as of right now, they will have to wait to see the release press conference until September 9th. Those programmers will then continue to wait until September 16th when the new iPhones and iPads will be released, these programmers going by the history of Apple’s release dates. Those programmers have been lined outside of the store since August 31st, 2014.

Often we find ourselves very judgemental towards the stars we often see in the tabloids. We believe them to be wrecks and horrible individuals who don’t deserve the time of day. Those people often have lies told about them on a daily basis in the media which gives us a false representation of who those people actually are. One of those people is Nicki Minaj who is now a pop culture icon, everyone believes here to be a fake celebrity who made her way by getting in with the right people.

Nicki Minaj

The fact of the matter is that Nicki Minaj came from an under privileged area more formally known as the Bronx and made her way up the pop culture scale slowly by performing at small venues. It just so happened that Lil Wayne was at one of her small venues and saw the potential in this woman. Nicki Minaj has now announced that she is returning to favor to the Bronx and to other under privileged areas around Northern America by being a motivational speaker. Miss. Minaj will also spend her own money towards purchasing new recreational centers for certain areas that need it the most.

Not many people will hear about this story as the media prefers to speak about her involvement with smoking marijuana or drinking too much late at night. These media outlets will never speak about the good she does for her community and communities all around the world. That doesn’t stop Nicki Minaj though, she continues to do what is right as she is a good person deep down but has to keep an image to sell records.

Meridian City is home to a series of low calibre neighborhoods which has resulted in high drug usage and alcohol usage within the area. This prompted local politicians to hire a well known motivational speak and have them speak to the children at their local convention hall. This motivational speak was to give these children tips, tricks and advice on how they could better their lives.

meridian city logo

Surprisingly to the local politicians each one of the seats in the hall was filled by young adults and teenagers from all around the city. This showed the politicians that their citizens were and are willing to make the changes to not only better their community but to also change their own lives. The motivational speaker was a local reverend named Eddie Charles Spencer and he spoke to children about his life as a child, the abuse he had felt from certain members in his family and the neglect he received from the family who didn’t abuse him. It lead to the now reverend performing in illegal tasks that eventually lead him to jail time. Once alone he was able to realize that it was not his own fault but the fault of his family who he no longer keeps in contact with.

Spencer said, “You might not realize it but a small decision that you make today could affect the rest of your life. I know this from experience so in the back of your mind you should always be weary of the decisions you are making because you don’t know the long term effects it could have on you.”

Virgin Mobile revealed today that they will begin sending out Motivational Texts to their mass amount of users on a weekly basis. These motivational texts are meant to brighten up your day a little, make you think about the better things in your life instead of the negative things in your life.

virgin mobile logo

Virgin Mobile is doing this because the percentage of depression and suicide has risen in America by 20% over the last three years. The reason for this is because people are now having to work the job of two people for the pay of one while the prices of food, gas, living and cars raise. This in return means that people don’t have a lot of money to enjoy themselves with which in return leads to depression and sometimes suicide. Virgin Mobile hopes that by sending out these motivational texts they will be able to inspire some level of joy upon their customers.

Virgin Mobile CEO Joseph Ottorino said the following, “It is a shame that our economy works in a manner such as this. Everyone begins to feel the weight of bills and other expensives upon them. We here at Virgin Mobile want our customers to be joyful and happy in their everyday life. This is why we are sending out these motivational texts. These texts won’t just brighten up your day but they will make you think about key moments in your life when you were happy, we also have plans to set up a hotline of those with experience helping people with depression. Those who want to use the service will be able to do so through a number link on the text.”

A motivational speaker located in Miami, Florida had an unfortunate accident earlier on in 2013 when he lost his tongue. James Ainsworthy, a 58 year old male had a seizure while eating breakfast at a Denney’s. While having the seizure he bit off his own tongue which has now made his voice that much harder to hear, you can hardly understand what he is saying from resources but none the less James has already gone out of his way to find a new voice. Within two weeks after he returned from the hospital he announced to his friends and family that he was working on a new novel that he hoped would inspire hundreds, thousands if not millions to change their lives for the better.

miami florida

This new book has yet to been published or revealed by James Ainsworthy but it has been getting a lot of attention within the Miami Community. James has recently been volunteering at Homeless Shelters all across Miami, Hospitals, Animal Shelters, he’s been going on the streets to feed to the homeless and doing anything in his power to help out his community around him, bring some motivation to his world. A variety of news stations have been reporting on James Ainsworthy and his journey, when asked questions he will write them down and promote his future novel. Telling people to look out for it in stores when it eventually is published.

James Ainsworthy wrote the following, “I don’t consider losing my tongue to be a disadvantage. Instead I use it to my advantage to do more good around my community as I can no longer perform my job.”