Coping When You’re Overwhelmed

Do you fancy yourself a multi-tasker or do you feel more focused when you can work on a single project at a time? In the face of current conditions and with the necessity to frequently monitor multiple media sources in order to accomplish the average professional task, having a solitary focus is frequently not a luxury that many can enjoy. Those that prefer that standard of work will often find themselves overwhelmed by the inundation of choices as well as messages that come to you via phone, text or email. This will leave you frazzled and unable to accomplish much or at least, feeling like you aren’t completing anything. How can you cope with this sense of being overwhelmed and carry on with a more relaxed approach? Where do you focus your attention first and how do you make the right choices on a regular basis?


It is not uncommon for people feeling this kind of pressure to become immobilized rather than motivated. One must clearly take some time to prioritize tasks and decisions and weigh out which should get your immediate attention and what you can put on hold for the moment. Once you have something of a roadmap in front of you, you can proceed with the confidence that you’re not missing out on any opportunities or spinning your wheels.

One thing you should realize is that being in this position of abundance is a hidden blessing. How lucky are you to be able to pick and choose upon what you would like to invest your efforts? Think of the many that are simply filling time and simply going through the motions in their business and personal lives. Being pulled toward many things of interest is actually one of the many benefits of our busy world.

Engaging in a process where you deem one activity more significant over another on a day to day basis does not diminish the significance of each of these pursuits overall. On one day, the things that demand your high attention may entirely change on the next day. Remain flexible and consider the outcomes of each choice and the actions that are required to get there. Then move forward with that plan in mind. Yes, things may crop up to distract you but make a choice in that moment whether it requires your immediate focus or if you can fit it somewhere else in the roster.

Also consider that, potentially, there are items on your list that can be abandoned altogether. Are these matters that are actually important to you or are you pursuing them to impress someone else or appear to be something that you are not? If you can narrow your options in this regard, you’ll enjoy doing the things that remain on your list far more.

While it is often true that when we are immensely busy we forget to focus on our own personal reaction to what we are doing, do your best to guard against this occurring. One of the simplest ways to tell if we are directing our attention in an appropriate manner is to check our emotions around our task. Do you have energy and momentum in pursuing this goal? Are you putting it off because you don’t? Try to decide why that is and then deal with that issue first. Perhaps you aren’t confident in that task and fear that you will fail so you procrastinate tackling it. In that case, you’ll find that the more your perform it, the less anxious you will be about the outcomes.

Stay open and remember that everything you do has an impact and enjoy checking things off your list, one by one.

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