Coping with Adversity

Like it or not, we must all face adversity. It is all a part of the grand cycle of life – the joy and pain go hand in hand with each other and to avoid them is to have a superficial life filled with regrets. Regardless of how positive we are in life, we will encounter problems and sadness and have to work our way through it. Look them straight in the eye and confront them and know that “this too shall pass”.


If you can make a great effort to avoid the pitfalls of self pity, whining and taking it all personally, you can approach difficulties with a fighting spirit and make your way through them to the other side where, inevitably, joy awaits.
To make things somewhat easier, understand that this is simply happening right now. It is not a punishment, you did not cause it and it is happening to others as well as to you. Even when faced with immense disasters such as floods, fires, death, economic devastation or more, you are not alone. This is not about you. It is just is.

If you have a strong support network, use them. Call them up, cry, drink wine, curse and rant – do whatever it takes to get yourself over that initial shock of what has happened and then let them support you. Accept help, accept hugs, accept love and accept comfort. You are not weak in doing so, only human, and you will have your turn to return the favour at some point in time.

Then prepare yourself for what you must face. Realize that it may be painful but it won’t last forever. Take physical care of yourself and don’t let your mind wander into dangerous dialogues that overdramatize the situation. Even though you know it will be tough, you’ll be ready. Be a warrior.

Trust in a higher power whether it is a spiritual figure, destiny, science or patterns of the universe. Believe that this adversity will lead you to a better place and that this is a stepping stone to getting there. Know that nothing lasts forever – even the good times pass so it stands to reason that the difficult ones will as well.

Again, rely on your supportive resources. Ask for help where you need it – do you need connections to the business community, do you need physical support, or do you just need someone to talk to and verbally process things that, in your gut, you likely already know? Take it where ever it is required and don’t feel lesser for asking. You know that you would do the same for those you love.
Seek out examples of those that have had the same experience and use them as inspiration or for advice. It is highly unlikely that you are the first person ever dealing with your particular problem so there are those that can discuss their process and you can see what you might be able to use from their triumph.

Above all, hang in there. Do not give up hope and do not quit. Think of another time where you faced a challenge and channel that energy. You came through, obviously, since here you are so use that as a baseline to know you will make it through again. Your success rate for having done so is looking pretty good!

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